Jeremy's Story

This is an excerpt from Jerry Lum's speech on July 8, 2013, the Candlelight Memorial.

Justice for Jeremy was created almost 4 years ago, when , Jeremy Lum was mistakenly arrested by Lathrop Police officers a couple blocks from his house, jailed at midnight and released at 7am at the San Joaquin County Jail, all while in a bipolar hallucinatory mental state. His mental state and his known medical history were ignored by everyone who took custody of him that night. It was July 8, 2009. He was not seen again, alive. He was my son. After 3 days of intense searching by a heroic group of volunteers, his body was found in the river adjacent to the jail.

For long-time supporters, this is a reminder of our reason for being. For our recent members, a hearty welcome to you, and this will be expression of our commitment to changing what went wrong. A candle light memorial on July 8, has been an annual event, with keynote speakers, live musical performances, food and refreshments. This year, we decided to change to a quiet observance. We will place flowers and light candles at Woodward Park around 9pm. Everyone is welcome, but no call to people to come from far and wide. Those who are home can share the moment with us and remember Jeremy with a candle or a moment of silence.


We will be posting a FB announcement soon for the 2013 Mental Health Awareness Festival, to be held on Sept. 14. The struggle for mental-illness-awareness continues and Justice for Jeremy is determined to play its part.

For more information about Bipolar Disorder, check out the National Institute of Mental Health website HERE.